Please, write me in English


I'm Mery, from Italy...I'm an adult player,for younger age players, to talk with me, you need permission from your parents, thanks!
 My horses not avaiable to seel,I don't answer most message because they are no longer persent.

Good Game everyone!

I'm no longer present, my account is in management, for shetland contact jinga7 and DOMINUS, for trotter Garisa.

thank you all for this great adventure

a special thanks to my new partner DOMINUS, beautiful partner, with collaboration  a newly born but destined for great things!!! DOMINUS...continues to go really loud!


New site with many useful information on breeding, training, care of the horses(the section on the management of the equestrian center will soon be expanded ).For novice players but also little tips for the more experienced.... I hope will be of satisfaction to all... and before read the manual of the breeder.

click for the site

Good Game!

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------        Frase del mese....


Cocktail, the best ever!It was a pleasure and an honor to work with you with the trotter...thanks for everything, you will always be present here!

Ilenye... great player and great person!
Thank's for all!!! I will try to bring honor to your PRE

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