I'm Back!

I'm an Adult person From Italy, Pls if you want answer on message, write me in English, TY!

Well, after a long absence, the first love is never forgotten...and I am once again!
I participate in Team ♕ D.J. Jυɱρҽɾʂ pls don't ask me for sell or coverage on shetland, for this contact pokifru, thnx.
I started collaboration with the team ~. Híȷơ ɠɛ ɭʋƞɑ .~and I'm Very happy for this. I wish all good game and fun!.

!!!!My Team breed Quarter horse!!!!
!!!!!!!!BEST QUARTER HORSES!!!!!!,
 At present no quarter is for sale and don't offer coverage If you want to join the team are required min 500 AP available, time and knowledge basic blup.Send me a message.

Unicorns exchange for golden apple or piece of cloud!!!


- Unicorn based on availability either males or females

- 1 unicorn for golden apple

- 1 unicorn for 2 x piece of cloud

- I don't put first  on reserved sales unicorn

- send me a message as soon as I see the apple or the clouds put the unicorn for reserved sales

-   breed of unicorn or male or female are not contestable

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111ij3t.jpgMy Virtual World Second Life with my beauty Camargue Pegasus
23summp.jpgIn my home with relax moment playing howrse...
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